Sunday, February 5, 2012

ships are launching from my chest.

last night was my first without chase since we've been married.
he went to kauai for the a student leadership conference,
& i held down the fort at home.

okay, he was barely gone 24 hours. but i was a sad girl!
luckily i had mags & dennis around to prevent me from doing something crazy, like lazing in bed all weekend, watching the entire first season of veronica mars & singlehandedly polishing off a pint of ben & jerry's (as would have likely happened if i didn't have rad friends).

last night i watched mags perform at the school talent show,
& this morning we ate delicious breakfast at ted's bakery
& laid on the beach for a real long time

then we thrifted

& we got opal's thai

(& waffle cones)

& then i came home & made banana bread

& now chase is on his way home
& i'm a happy girl.

p.s. my friend brennan just showed me this rad song,
appropriately titled
welcome home by radical face.


Maggie said...

love you aims

Anna Diederich said...

love radical face.

Samantha Brooks said...

what the h did you put in that banana bread? i want it. and you.

Kristan said...

um, let's get one thing clear - there is nothing wrong with watching VM episodes all day long.

Amy Carlston said...

samuel, it's walnuts & orange glaze. sooo yummy.. jen's specialty. that woman taught me good.