Friday, February 10, 2012

don't wanna work in a building downtown.

we've been eating some good food around these parts lately. i told chase we're getting ethnic this week, so we stocked up on seaweed for making sushi, & fish sauce, chili paste, rice noodles & all those yummy thai spices. we also got a bunch of plums at costco yesterday (after passing by the salted caramels samples probably six times).

this semester has been so rad, largely because i'm only taking 8 credits. and, for the first time in my life i have my own kitchen & my own fridge.
(i couldn't count the number of times mag & i opened the fridge last semester and yelled, we have a shelf system people! come on! and removed a mug of blue goop supposed to cure acne from our respective chilled territories.)
anyways, cooking in your own home is a joy.

but it's my last semester. so somedays i worry about graduating in two months, & trying to find my place in that big scary real world out there.
all i wanna do is cook & feed my loves,
lay in the sun & surf,
& paint pictures
all day long.

if i could make a job outta that, shoot-- i'd be good at it.


Kylie said...

you CAN make a job out of it.
and i love this series.
and spritz is my hubby's nickname.
and the name of our videography company spritz visuals. hehe.

catharine said...

i agreee do what you love, and you are SO GOOD AT WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO!
its your destiny.

Amy Carlston said...

oh guys enlighten me. i have no idea how to turn what i love into a moneymaking venture. i need your business smarts, both of you.

T.RIPPY said...

THE RECIPES! Where do they come from!? Your rosemary bread with brie and asparagus has me salivating. Here’s a business idea: compile a cookbook with your beautiful pictures and recipes--I’d buy a million!