Tuesday, February 7, 2012

life on mars.

lately chase & i have been on a veronica mars kick.

actually, it's only just begun. we just started the first season last week & chase is addicted. i love it. my best friend samantha introduced me to it a few years back, & since then i've seen every episode at least twice. now it's sweet because i get to be the mysterious, withholding, ominous girl while chase begs me to tell him who killed lily kane, or if duncan & veronica ever get back together. it's fun knowing all the answers.

i just love crawling in bed with my love and a mug of warm cocoa & watching my favorite high school detective make the world a better place. so what if veronica rocks choker necklaces or uggs & denim mini skirts all the day long? the girl is a bad ass. i forgive her.


Kristan said...

this makes me smile from ear to ear . . . oh and love chase just a little bit more!

Caisa said...

ditto what kristan said. i think you guys just earned your hilton head invite.

Samantha Brooks said...

oh my i could not be happier that the tradition lives on. although i'm a little jealous that you crawl in bed to chase and not me... "a saturn, for a mars, in neptune?"

seriously. please come to hh this year.

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

wo tell me more about this cocoa. its white?? i wanna make it it looks yumm!!

Amy Carlston said...

oh brooks girls-- count us in on hilton head. and its gettin' creepy.. she just met with abel koontz. he's haunting my dreams.

lisa-- it's white chocolate mocha hot cocoa! ghiradelli! sooo good... but it's brown. we just spooned some whipped cream on top.