Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lighting bolts a glowin'

i woke up today feeling like it should be my birthday.
so, i started acting like it was, & chase followed suit.

i woke up,
made a smoothie,
drove to castles with freezing inner thighs
surfed & laid on the beach until it started pouring
and came home to a clean house & a sweet note (chase's doing).
i jokingly declared that today, i'm doin' me (been listening to too much drake lately)
so chase insisted on doing the dishes & rubbing my back,
since today is my day.

then we had a perfect lunch
{shrimp, avocado & pineapple salad}
(seriously make this: cut up shrimp & mix it with pineapple, lime juice, red onion, salt & pepper. we fried up some chips to scoop it up with. soooo yummy.)

from now on, i'm just gonna start treating every day like my birthday.
although chase just called to tell me he got a perfect score on his physics test, so i guess tomorrow we celebrate him!

1 comment:

McKenzie King said...

ok, that sounds amazing...get in my belly.

what purrrrfect day my friend.