Sunday, October 23, 2011

i'll be yours.

these past couple months have been kinda crazy, for me & my boy both.
he's taking a kajillion math & science classes & being school president & keeping me from becoming entirely crazy

& i'm a little overwhelmed somedays with school & work & internships

& meanwhile we're both workin' on planning this union of ours & finding a place to live in the winter, all while trying to win mcdonalds monopoly & get enough surf time in to keep us brown & thus ready for marriage.

i'm good at forgetting & chase is good at remembering all of the little things we need to be grateful for every day.

so today, i'm thankful for true love.
i'm thankful for chase & his huge smile & the way he makes me laugh so hard my belly hurts every day. for his incessant kindness & the way he loves & takes care of me.

i'm thankful for hours spent surfing or paddling in the sun with my love
& sushi dates & apple pie ice cream in waffle cones
& watching the sunset together on the beach.
i love my other half.