Friday, January 4, 2013


My sweet friend Diane Moncion let me tag along to Maddison and Max's wedding last month as a second shooter. M+M were married in the Provo, Utah temple on a clear but cold day in December. Taking portraits at the temple after their sealing reminded me of my own wedding last December at the Salt Lake temple, when I wore long johns, wool socks and boots underneath my dress. 

I thought I would soon become acclimated to Utah's winter, but I actually find myself whimpering more frequently and spending more time underneath covers than ever before. I'm breaking records over here. I shiver from behind the windows of my heated car every time I see someone riding a bicycle in this arctic climate. I started a new job today, and as I toured the building and shook people's hands, literally seven different people told me how cold my hands were. The biggest trial in my life right now is, simply put, Utah. 

But back to the wedding... love is beautiful, even when it's cold. Heartwarming, even. Once I got married a deep love grew within me for cliche romantic movies (full disclosure: Chase and I wept and held each other through The Vow), relentlessly trying to play matchmaker, and seeing other people tie the knot. Once you know how sweet real love is, you just want everyone else to feel it too. So hooray! for weddings and love and all that gushy stuff.