i grew up in east lyme, connecticut, a tiny little town on the beach with a boardwalk, boat harbors, no real shopping for miles & real good pizza.
when i was 15, i moved in with my sister & her family in salt lake city, utah.
my east coast friends accused me of setting off for the middle of nowhere; since leaving, however, the majority of people i've met couldn't point to connecticut on a map. in utah, i gained an appreciation for the mountains, handpicked raspberries, icy winters, & minor vandalism (think toilet papering & painting on car windows).
eight months later, we headed to atlanta, georgia, where i earned one of those ever-so coveted high school diplomas.
and from there i flew across the ocean to the north shore of oahu.
i left for a little bit to go live here

and when i came back, i met this boy
from all the way over here.

we fell in love.
and we got hitched.

and i guess that's as much as i know, so far.


Lisa Fly Rondo said...

so cute i love this :)

nichel warwick said...

This is darling!

McKenzie King said...

too cute.

Kylie said...

SUPER cute, you two. super.

DeepikaAndavarapu said...

Hello Amy,

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thank you