Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i am on my way.

"i know there's california, oklahoma,
& all of the places i ain't ever been to, but
down in the valley with whiskey rivers
these are the places you will find me hidin',
these are the places i will always go..."

really lovely song.


Jesse Manscilll said...

love it. All of it.

Amy Hanson said...

and i love you jesse!!
ps. 96% sure i am gonna go to provo in the fall! so we are gonna reunite & you are gonna have to introduce me to amanda!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the song so much! These pictures are amazing Amy. Check out Winter Song by them, you might like that one toooo...

Roberto Buckley

Amy Hanson said...

thanks bobby! i love it! i actually sprung for the whole album on itunes & i don't regret it.. i'm so stoked you introduced me to them. i dunno if you like cold war kids but i am stoked on a few songs off their new album!