Monday, March 7, 2011

oh you fancy huh.

lakshmi pointed at my naked ears

as we were sharing an umbrella

and lectured,

"all fancy women must wear earrings."

i laughed

and tugged at my plain, sorry ears--

the same ears my sister used to fold in half

and scotch tape down,

snickering, "elf!"

when we were bored in church.

i wanted to tell lakshmi that i like my ears unadorned--

these tired ears that i stuck with a needle in the seventh grade

because ma wouldn't let me get my cartilage pierced;

for good reason,

it ended in infection

and i can still feel the lumps.

but lakshmi,

these days i'm learning

i like those simple things best.

i like my skin bare

and my words clear

and my friendships the same.

and though they might appear austere,

i swear,

these ears can still listen.

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