Saturday, February 5, 2011


{welcome to my world}

1. our adorable green house
2. bhavana, the sassiest little girl in the world. i kid you not. her natural stance is both hands on her hips.
3. bhavana's little sister, megana. the child has opals for eyes.
4. the beautiful karuna, one of our translators. she is r.a.d. (my favorite.. shhh)
5. our pup. nice to look at, but he's a serious biter.
6. the neighbors
7. the HOOD
8. the corner rickshaw drivers. i like these guys--after a month of using their services, they've nearly eliminated the white person tax.
9. the neighborhood calf. i think he might be holy?
10. the boy who dutifully gets me my daily diet coke. aka. the saint
11. the girl who works at the ice cream parlor. we see a lot of each other.
12. the boys who bought me ice cream today in exchange for giving me their phone number. it seemed like a fair trade.

{it's starting to feel like home in vizag.}


brennan said...

gorgeous gorgeous pictures!

Samantha Brooks said...

LOVE that little girl. love these pics. SO jealous of your life!

Matt said...

you would scheme and manipulate two guys to buy you ice cream. heartless.

Clark said...

your pictures are fantastic. I bet you don't regret your camera purchase. I'm glad you got it.

Amy Hanson said...

thanks guys :) sam, you would LOVE baguna. she's a sassy kid. & glendenning!? get outta hurr. i literally walked by & the boys ordered me to sit down & put ice cream in my hand. no manipulation on my part whatsoever. even those indian boys know how to win me over.