Wednesday, February 16, 2011


sorry, this post might be a tad bit morbid. but through my daily scanning of our local newspaper here in vizag, a couple things have come to my attention.

first, indians are incredibly lenient about misspellings & grammatical errors in the presentation of their current events.

and secondly, the world seems to me to be in a far sorrier state than i ever perceived it to be living in the U.S.

seriously, some of this stuff is wack.

in the past couple days, i've read about parents who strangled their daughter because of her choice for a husband; a 104 year-old woman asking the govt. for permission to commit suicide, because of her son's abuse & neglect; a girl whose stalker killed both of her parents; and a teenage boy who robbed & murdered another boy in order to buy a teddy bear & a couple of CDs for his girlfriend on valentines day.

i guess my shock could be attributed to one of two things-- first, i am in india, and a population of over 1 billion people ensures that there's more than a few weirdos among them.

that, or things are just as bad at home, but living on an idyllic island where i don't read the newspaper or watch tv makes me oblivious.

either way, the news can be real depressing. i'm often torn between wanting to pop my fingers in my ears & never hear another word of it, and feeling guilty because i can easily put down the paper, finish my breakfast, & continue on with my day unaffected.

sometimes i think, "as a citizen of the world, amy, you have the responsibility to be informed.." but glancing through another page's worth of headlines makes me lament my belonging to such a world.

i don't know what the right balance is, between being aware & unable to sleep at night, or arguably ignorant & idealistic. but when the pup starts nibbling at my toes, or i walk outside to see bhavana & megana running my way, i know this much--

there is an abundance of goodness in our world.

india, america, brazil, no matter. there is joy to be found in every corner. and that's our task, as citizens of the world; we must create goodness. to counteract all that bad news.


brennan said...

yours is the only "news" i read! ha. kind of joking...kind of. i think about this all the time though, and i finally just decided to not feel guilty for being ignorant about things i wouldn't be able to help/change/fix in the first place. you're only one person and you can't walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders. too heavy! it's hard though. definitely. on a lighter note, i miss you and love you! and i always look forward to reading your blog every few days. it never fails to make me shmile :D

Kylie said...

i feel ya, sister.

these pictures are amazing by the way.
the color astounds me.

what camera do you have btw?
blog me.
great adventures.

Amy Hanson said...

thanks guys :)

kylie-- i have a nikon d3100. i love your photos! what do you use?

Kylie said...

ooo i found the answer! i love your photos they are so great! i have a couple - a nikon d300, canon t2i, and a canon 5D mark II on the way. whoooa. i know. trying to sell nikon, i think and stick to just canon. still deciding - i love both!

Alyssa Brooke said...

i LOVE that last part about creating goodness to counter act <3 I love reading everything you post