Monday, March 5, 2012

vegan march.

chase & i declared this month vegan march. beginning last thursday, we cut out milk, eggs, cheese & ICE CREAM from our diets . . .we already don't eat meat (or i don't, so chase is pescatarian by default), and we will still be eating seafood during march. i just can't feel bad for dying marine life! and shrimp & poke are on my top 5 tastiest foods ever created list.

anywho, vegan march is posted on the fridge, so you know it's official. along with my other goals for the month, like wear my retainer & learn how to cross-step on a long board. yes, i PROMISE, i go to school, and yes, i PROMISE, i have a job, but compared to mr. school president who's taking physics, 2 chemistry classes, & trying to prepare for the DAT, my schedule's pretty wide open. taking 8 credits is pretty much the best thing i've ever done, & i wish i had done it my entire university career, so that i had more time to focus on goals more important than receiving a college degree, like keeping my skin bronzed.

i've played around with eating vegan before, primarily for health benefits after reading books like eating animals by jonathan safran foer, in defense of food by michael pollack, and the food revolution by john robbins. i'm a believer. i also keep flax & chia seeds in the fridge, snack on goji berries, & try to remember to take my fish oil in the mornings. i figure these are all necessary health precautions when you consume as much ice cream as i do each week and have hopes of living past 35.

saturday was only day 3, but already the universe was conspiring against us. we spent the day in town with our friends taylor & anna, and chase & i paced around in circles muttering inspiring phrases about willpower as our friends walked from honolulu cookie company (sample paradise) straight into yogurtland (sample wonderland) and we stayed outside. i then spent the afternoon dodging sample booths in costco, after turning down the cookie corner employee offering complimentary cookies on the waikiki strip.

cookie corner giving out cookies? for free? unheard of. seriously, someone alerted the big guy & now he's having fun testing us. still, we're now on day 5 and we're sticking to our guns. it's incredible how two people with extremely weak willpower can join together & turn into a couple of cookie-dodging superheroes. i guess that's the miracle of marriage for ya.

***THIS JUST IN: the malasada truck, full of deep-fried, cream-filled, piping hot dough deliciousness is now parked in the laie shopping center after a good year hiatus? this is a joke. welcome to vegan march. the world's out to get me.


McKenzie King said...

you are brave..
and you have cute handwriting.
and you and your man are a good lookin' couple.
go you!

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

yes the malasada truck is here!! haha this just made my day. sorry youre not eating anything ;) haha man. good luck!!

Anna Diederich said...

i love this. if i had stronger will power, or someone to give me more will power like yourself, i'd join you. oh but i don't! so i'll just go have a bowl of moose tracks...

Kylie said...

HAHAHA dude thats how it works, man! when i did a chocolate fast for one week there were FREE COOKIES passed around in three of my classes! WTF? we all know that NEVER happens. one class even had brownies? i was uber bugged and passing it on without partaking was just painful. annnnd malasada truck? buy one now - freeze it for later.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the people who try to say they are vegan but still eat fish are so funny. It seems so unfair to me. Just because fish don't have feet, they should be included in the "okay" category for vegans? If you're a vegan, then be a vegan!

the lovebirds said...

okay wow- your blog is adorable! and you made me laugh out loud. you're too cute! xo