Sunday, March 18, 2012

love will die without a home.

cinderblock walls, blue carpet, and popcorn ceiling:
the trifecta of good design.

we're spoiled-- we got a corner unit in married student housing, which means we get an extra window and an extra foot or two in width. cha-ching. sure, we still live in one giant room; pretty sure chase could jump from our front step onto the bed (long legs), and we have to crack every window when the oven's on to prevent passing out. but it's home. we've got a walk-through closet (different than a walk-in, but sounds spacious on paper) leading to a little bathroom with zero storage and a small mirror that we're constantly shoving each other in front of so we can check ourselves out (so vain, us carlstons).

we also reap the benefits of living in a community of college-aged married couples, including the temptation to kidnap any one of an unlimited number of unattended children, left free to roam the parking lot, climb on top of cars, get stuck in trees and chat it up with strangers. we are also frequently the recipients of neighbor's baked goods, another perk of TVA living.

it's fun making our home a home together, doing things like thrifting, sewing curtains and building wooden shelves. chase even built a surf rack and screwed it into the wall, despite the strict no-holes-in-the-wall policy-- oops. i guess we're gonna have some patching to do before we leave.

i just love coming home to a warm, clean home.
especially to snuggle with this boy.


McKenzie King said...

the cutest.

Anonymous said...

That's what Deseret Towers at BYU was like when I lived carpet, popcorn ceiling, and cinder block walls! But I only have good memories from there and it sounds like that's what you two are making there, too. Love the pictures. And love you two! Carrie

Susan said...

What great writing. I loved your post.

Rach said...

Your TVA apartment just might be the cutest one I have ever seen. You guys are the greatest and your writing is beautiful :)

Kristan said...

i love you. and your cute apartment.