Sunday, January 29, 2012

grab your mother's keys.

this weekend was move in round two.

coming back to hawaii, chase & i moved into a cute little house on the ocean with rust orange carpet, floral everything AND an ice cream maker waiting in the cabinet for us upon our arrival.
(the ice cream bowl was even already in the freezer! every bit of it seemed like fate.)

our landlord was an adorable 88 year-old german lady who raved about the last family who lived in the house (and gave us their address so we could write to them) and told us maybe seventeen times that she designed the house we were moving into herself, "against the wind!"

we fell in love with our new home.

but this week we got a call saying we got into the married student housing on campus, which costs less than half of what we were paying over with our german friends. so we packed up and moved again this weekend, into a one-room studio that we love even a little bit more.

married student housing is definitely deja vu back to freshman year dorms, except this time i get to pick my roommate (but my first roomie was pretty rad too.) oh and there's babies everywhere. that's the only other difference i've observed so far.

chase & i have been thrifting like the dickens & we're slowly gettin' cozy in our new space. we even found a brand spankin' new ice cream maker at savers this week. we had so many flavors already mapped out for the future that it seemed like an absolute necessity.

now we just need to build a surf rack to store this ten-foot paddleboard that's currently looming over my head and threatening to smother me in my sleep.

most days i just feel like i'm acting as a grown-up and playing house.

these are all photos from our first home together. . . including the deck where we'd eat our lunches. okay, i miss it a little bit.


Elsha.Rae said...

i literally drool over all of your pictures every time you put more up! you are one lucky lucky gal. i would kill to live in hawaii!

McKenzie King said...

oh man, amy! you're house is adorable. who am i kidding? you and chase are adorable. i'm telling ya, i would vote for you and chase as cutest couple on campus, hands down.

Kylie said...

oh my. i think i woulda stayed at that house, haha.