Friday, August 26, 2011

live in the sunshine.

a fair description of my life the past couple weeks would probably be:

pancakes, laughing, books, sunburn, wrestling, goat cheese, milkshakes, singing, mangoes, surfing & being in love

got back to hawaii a couple weeks ago & it's been good. so good.

chase proposed the night i flew in! in our secret cave where we had our first kiss. it was perfect.

i turned twenty, which i understand to mean i can no longer justify stupid decisions with the reasoning that i'm still a teenager. i'm finally grown up.

chase & i have been on a very exhaustive milkshake hunt, trying to find the best shake on the island. still in progress.

i got an internship with honolulu magazine for the fall! i'm incredibly excited about it.
i've also been interning with a travel website called, writing articles about the island.

mostly i've just been enjoying being a bum, taking online classes & working a bit but otherwise playing in the sun, surfing, reading books & singing songs.

but.. i miss my girlies!
i miss my maggie elize & her sweet sweet voice.
i miss cat & her creativity.
i miss em & denise & my little persian creature.
i miss girls surf squad.

can't wait for fall time.


Samantha Brooks said...

make me those pancakes. NOW.

and its fine. i know you miss me too.

Kylie said...

great pictures. stoked for you guys. marriage is awesome. when is the day? i miss my island home.

McKenzie King said...

Amy. I found your blog and love it. I am so happy for you and Chase. You two take the cake for Hawaii's cutest couple. love.