Sunday, April 3, 2011

so long lakshmyya.

i understand
the necessity of a T.V.
when money swims low
and your kids can barely eat.

i get
getting away
as a means to survive.

but i wish you'd asked me for something
more easily justified,
or maybe only less conspicuous--

like a meal
or new shoes
or a check.

and i regret
showing up a liar,

so goodbye lakshmyya;
blame me for your losses,
for your unfulfilled requests.
curse me for not packing your 7 grandkids
in my carry-on bag

and remember me begrudgingly
when you're missing the static hum
of a television set.



Dear Amy,

Even though I just took my own journey to a far away land, I look at your blog and think, "wow, I'm jealous, I wish I could do that!"

Some observations:

I am really impressed at your ability to internalize, interpret, and reflect on your experiences even while still busily wandering through the middle of them.

And your photography. It is simply amazing. You have a natural sense of telling story while prioritizing stunning design, especially composition; abstract; color. Your images are very well thought out. I was starting to feel pretty good about my photography on my journey, then I look at your blog and I'm. . .humbled.

Way to be awesome!

make a nice day


Amy Hanson said...

thanks a lot steven! i definitely feel like i learned a lot while being in india. i'm sure some incredible artwork is gonna come out of your trip, it sounded like a wild one