Thursday, January 27, 2011

ne nu kottanu.

every monday, wednesday, & friday morning, i have telugu class.
it is mostly ineffective; but today something stuck with me.
our teacher decided to teach us verb conjugations.
and so on the chalkboard, she wrote:


and then the next ten minutes went something like this:

"if you are talking about yourself, you will say, ne nu kottanu, so, i will beat you.
me mu kottamu, if you say, we will beat you.
if you are beating someone now. . .
if somebody else beat you, in a group. . .
if a female person beat you, you say. . .
if she already beat you. . ."

i couldn't learn anything after those first ten minutes because i had to concentrate too hard on controlling my laughter.

only in india is the first verb you learn to beat.
never mind to eat, to go, to play; those are far too traditional.
we're learning the useful stuff first.